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Cooperation Partners

All diagnoses and therapeutic methods at our institute are accompanied and evaluated by neutral renowned institutes. In this way a unique, globally-branched network of competence in diverse disciplines has developed, with the declared aim of uniting leading medical technology and modern treatment concepts under the same roof.

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Prof. Dr. med. Roman M. Baevsky, State Research Institute of the Russian Federation, Center for Biological Medical Problems, Moscow

Bersenew, Evgenij, Candidate of biological sciences, Head of the Laboratory for Vegetative Regulation of the Cardiovascular System and the Innovative Center for Cosmic Medicine based on the Institute for Medical Biological Problems of the Academy of Sciences of Russia, Moscow

Prof. Dr. Kai Börnert, Dr. med. Kai Börnert, Orthopaedist, Manual Medicine / Chiropractic Therapy, Sports Medicine, Natural Healing Methods, Kinesiology, Grimma KB Institute for Vital Energy


MD.PH.D. Mc Crothy, HeartMath Institute, California


Prof. em.. Dr. Ivan Engler, Surgeon, University of Salzburg, Founder of Ionised Oxygen Therapy


Prof. Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, Russian Molecular Biologist and Biophysicist, Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Discoverer of the Hyperspace communication of DNA

Prof. Dr. sc. med. Vladimir L. Goliakov, Cardiologist, Research with Perth, Int. Inter-Academic Union, Moscow


Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht, Chair of Neurophysiology and Biorhythm Research, Regulation and Sleep Research, Charité, Berlin

Prof .Dr. J.J. Hurtek, Quantum Coherence and Consciousness Research, Speaker at the World Climate Conference, South Africa


Prof. Maria N. Kondrashova, Institute for Biophysics and Sports medicine, Mitochondrial Researcher, Moscow

Dr. med. Michael Kucera, Specialist for Internal Medicine, Mitochondrial Medicine, Heart Rate Variability Analyses


Prof. Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and Quantum Researcher, Visiting Professor of Anatomy, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR. Histology, Cell Biology and Embryology , best science book , The Biology of Belief (USA Book News)


Dr Edgar Mitchel, former Astronaut Apollo 14, Center for Noetic Science, Research & Education Petaluma, CA 94952-5120, USA


Prof William Nelson, Computer Scientist, Mathematician and Medical Professor for Homeopathy, Inventor of the Market Leading SCIO Frequency Scanning and Correctional System, Hungary

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Nesterov und Prof. V. ButInstitute for Applied Psychophysics, Inventor of the Genetic Regulatory System Oberon and Subsequent Systems


Prof. Dr. Alexander Vasilewitsch Trofimov, Developer of the Cosmobiotron, Shareholder of the Centre for European Cosmobiophysics, Rolandseck and the Stop Time system, Intl. Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-ecology, Novosibirsk, Russia


Prof Dr. med. Vladimir A. Zagriadski, Space physician, Inventor of Prognos, Deputy Head of the International Inter-academic Union, Moscow

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