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Your health is in your hands



The human body possesses enough genes in order to be able to function error-free for 150 years, if its regulatory mechanisms were intact.


We know from space medicine that our main regulatory system, the autonomic nervous system, is able to steer more than 97% of all psychological, spiritual and physical functions.


This is guaranteed when we produce in excess of 40% energy substance ATP in our cells. (Space studies conducted by Prof. Zagriadski). With this, there can be balance between both branches of the autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

According to these findings over 90% of all illnesses can be corrected and even cured.


Unfortunately, energy generation is associated with ageing and cell faults, as during this process so-called free radicals are created, which damage genes and other structures in the body (for each year over the age of 30, approx. 1% genetic faults).

With a special process, Serum Redox Differential Provocation Analysis (RSA) we are able to prove the effects of radicals in the blood and exactly calculate what each individual person requires in order to correct this (diagnostics up to 7 years before manifestation of illness!)

Verjüngungseffektes im ALL

The principles of this therapy and rejuvenation success (Dr. Poliakov exited his space capsule whilst performing a handstand in 1995 after 437 days and was 22.3% rejuvenated. At the same time, the Americans were having to be carried out of their capsules in a stretcher after only 10 - 12 days in space) stem from the original methods of space medicine.


At a physical level methods from the field of quantum medicine are able to correct the body’s own structures, particularly DNA, with electromagnetic frequencies via their regulator genes (epigenetics).


In this way, the “SCIO” quantum physics diagnostic and therapeutic device is capable of emitting 280,000 correctional stimuli in 1/10 second via 2 processors.

Modellvorstellung der Wahl der richtigen Frequenzen

As explained by Einstein in his theory of relativity in 1905 and again by Max Planck upon receiving his Nobel Prize in 1918, the spirit (with the correct emotions) has to form matter, i.e. the body, and not the other way around, as matter is initially able to be formed from frequencies in the presence of intelligence!
According to studies conducted by the HeartMath Institute in California, the correct emotional state is key in enabling the correct frequencies from the electromagnetic vibrations which contain all of the information from the universe, which make us up, to flow into the body via the pineal gland and the heart-brain (containing magnetic crystals for all electromagnetic interactions with the surroundings)!


Darstellung der Anatomie  der Rolle des Herzgehirnes

Max Planck, Nobel Prize 1918: „The mind must shape matter. This spirit is the foundation of all matter. It is not the visible, but transitory, matter that is real and true - for matter would not exist without the spirit at all. The invisible, immortal spirit is truth. Since this occurs in fields, one must assume the existence of spirit.“

Untersuchung des HeartMath- Institutes

By choosing the correct emotions, special mental methods enable correctional frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum inside and outside of our bodies to be transformed into healthy matter. In doing so, diseased tissue can be transformed into healthy tissue!


We are of the opinion that rejuvenation can only occur through physical and psycho-physical, i.e. mental, correction of the genetic code and therefore comprehensive correction of DNA! Anti-ageing is, therefore, a “side effect” of the optimised physical, mental and spiritual state.

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