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Athlete Tuning

Professional athletes and all physically active people have to face with physical demands which should not be underestimated. Time and time again we hear of perfectly healthy athletes who collapse with sudden cardiac arrest. Increased training can mean excess stress for the body because increased energy production means that more free radicals are produced. These damage the cells. In our practice we have a special programme for athletes. This is especially useful for golfers, because they require such high levels of concentration.


Adequate energy generation and the associated increase in the generation of oxygen radicals poses a particular risk for athletes, as the increased production of oxygen radicals affects the molecular repair mechanisms of the cells.

Modern space medicine has been able to solve this fundamental problem by using RSA, which enables energy reserves to be replenished, without the generation of new radicals. Both the question of “disease” as well as the “rejuvenation” of our body cells are therefore now within reach. RSA determines the oxidative stress of cells and thus enables an early diagnosis up to 7 years prior to potential disease and is 82% effective. The results are reflected in an exact, individually-produced vital nutrient supplement, which builds up the organism and can stop, and even reverse, ageing due to cellular stress


ith targeted dietary supplements, cell vitality is increased and the muscles and brain receive increased energy. This is carried out in a concept which prevents increased generation of free radicals. Joint or spinal problems can be compensated for by osteopathic-effective bio-physiotherapy. With the relaxing and deacidifying methods of matrix rhythm therapy and matrix regeneration therapy, muscle hardening can be treated, tissues are cleansed and, most importantly, often-existing acidification is eliminated.
Athletic performance and concentration are also increased and improved by additional colour and sound therapies, which promote brain activity. They are based on brain frequency modulation and are conducted with EEG control. These methods train and synchronise the interaction between both brain halves in order to achieve better coordination and flexibility.

SCIO/Vitascanning stimulates the performance of body and spirit on cellular, DNA and interstitial levels. These devices possess technology which has been taken from space research and which is similar to bio-resonance. The energy flow of the cells is not only improved in the short term, but improvement is long lasting. The body’s own regulation is also harmonised. Skills such as coordination, flexibility, muscle generation etc. are optimised.

Sporting success and success in other areas of life are only possible with special visualisation. With specific techniques, it is possible to learn to visualise success, a goal or victory as an image and to “programme” oneself accordingly. The NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) helps with this as it also ensures balance, calmness and inner peace.

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