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Goodbye to Burnout in 6 Weeks

Burnout and depression are the most common chronic illnesses in industrial nations. As a rule, patients suffering from burnout syndrome can recover sufficiently to be able to return to work in approx. 2 ½ years (time needed for adrenaline, dopamine serotonin to replenish), however the rate of recurrence is almost 90%.

As the name suggests, burnout is a state of inner emptiness and psychological exhaustion. The person concerned has not only yielded rechargeable energies, but their very has also been attacked and damaged. Prolonged exhaustion leads to symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disorders, abdominal pain, inability to concentrate, hair loss, impotence and depression.

Numerous studies have shown that the classical approach in treatment of the symptoms of burnout syndrome, particularly the emotional ones, do not provide sufficient stability. New techniques based on quantum medicine and which are becoming increasingly accepted in the neurosciences are showing promise.

We are subjected to numerous sources of stress everyday both at work and at home. Environmental pollution, poor diet and a lack of exercise also represent additional stress factors. This continual strain on our vegetative nervous system often leads unnoticed to significant exhaustion of the regulatory circuits and energy reserves in our cells. The regulation of our system alone for a single second would currently take the best computer in the world 170 million years! Only our subconsciously-working autonomic nervous system is capable of such a tremendous feat of regulation and coordination performance.

The main problem for burnout syndrome is the insufficient creation of adrenaline, the main regulatory hormone which is produced by the adrenal glands. Today, more than 80% of people in industrial nations are suffering from this problem. Only once we have created sufficient adrenaline are we also able to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. These are the hormones which permit concentration, memory, joy, learning capacity, drive and a counteraction to depression.

Any lack of drive or memory, listlessness, melancholy, mood swings and inability to concentrate, burnout syndrome, ADD in children is always caused by a lack of adrenaline and the associated lack of noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. This insufficiency also leads to over acidification of the body which causes increased weakness of the immune system.

Burn Out

It is not the release of adrenaline which is key, but the sufficient replenishment of the hormone. And this is where regulatory space medicine comes in. In the early days of space travel, back in the 1960s, many take-offs had to be abandoned due to the cosmonauts suffering from sudden cardiac arrest due to massive anxiety. This shocking fact proved an enormous challenge for space scientists and physicians and they discovered that this so-called sudden death was triggered by complete exhaustion of the adrenal cortex and therefore, adrenaline. This causes a sudden imbalance of the autonomic nervous system.

Intensive tests showed a 6- to 10-fold production of nitrogen and oxygen radicals during cell respiration, ageing in a matter of hours, and a complete breakdown of the body’s regulatory systems. According to criteria laid down by Prof. Zagriadski, constant production of ATP in sufficient amounts is necessary in all cells, especially in nerve cells, for regulation of the above-mentioned autonomic nervous system. For this, we require more than 40% per cell, per second as otherwise clean cell division is not possible due to a lack of DNA repair enzymes.

Burn Out

Conventional medical treatment predominantly consists of the administration of anti-depressants and sleeping tablets and long-term behavioural psychotherapy. Anti-depressants are generally capable of using the still-present anti-depressive hormones for a short while (re-uptake inhibition). There often follows adaptation and a change to different anti-depressants after approx. 6 weeks, due to the infectivity of the previous drug.
Space medicine uses a completely different approach which is usually effective within just a few weeks and is also sustainable. The main point of approach is the self-regulation of the autonomic nervous system and a long-term increase and replenishment of adrenaline, produced in the adrenal glands, and the resulting increase of noradrenaline, dopamine and – finally – serotonin.

Balance of the system then takes place by means of individually- administered endogenous products (nutrients) and parallel electromagnetic balance of the body with frequency systems which are delivered along the body’s meridians via magnetic belts. As DNA, in particular, has incredibly high frequency vibrations, the technical equipment used, e.g. SCIO, must be capable of transmitting 280,000 correctional frequencies within 1/10 second. This must correspond to the entire range of all organ systems in the human body, including regulation of the brain.

According to data from the HeartMath Institute, California, 6,800 employees of a large firm in New York suffering from burnout syndrome were successful in achieving a normal emotional and physical state in just 4 weeks, back in 2005. Due to the high cell speeds of the body, in addition to the regulation of the control systems, the best-possible coordination of the predominantly emotional (subconscious) systems such as the heart (approx. 26,000 neurons, which are up to 0.4 seconds faster than the brain), the limbic system as well as the more rational systems (cerebrum and thalamus) is also necessary. The fastest computer currently in existence would need 170 million years in order to calculate the 1025 to 1030 reactions of our body, which our body is able to do itself in just a single second.

Therefore, due to this tremendous coordination and synchronisation of the physical processes, at least 40 – 60% ATP per cell per second is of paramount importance.

In this context, the main focus is on achieving an emotional state which is as positive as possible for the individual concerned and thus to achieve better coordination vibration (e.g. loving thoughts). We also teach this in the form of simple mental techniques which should accompany the organic procedures used.

Benveniste was able to show in his impressive studies in 1998, that emotions have a hormonal character and that they partly exceed these by a 100-fold efficacy. Thus, our emotions are decisive in determining which gene is “scanned” for the development of illness, or not.

Burn Out

To summarise, the success of therapy consists of two essential steps: Firstly the vegetative nervous system has to be tared in order for sufficient brain hormones, which control cognitive ability, to be produced. Secondly, coordinating mental methods to ensure the correct emotional state have to be learned and practiced.

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