Prevention and health protection

Your health is in your hands

Cancer Prevention

This programme was designed as a measure for cancer prevention for people with a family history of cancer or for patients at risk of cancer due to radiation exposure or toxins in the workplace etc.


If a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, complex conventional medical and naturopathic therapies are the result. High-dose vitamins /radical interceptors are administered, psychotherapy, oxygen therapy and immune system build up etc. are carried out. However, these measures can be carried out before an illness has manifested itself. Cancer and other chronic illnesses develop over a period of years. The body has numerous repair mechanisms and healing stimuli at its disposal. Today, the body is often overwhelmed by the variety of strains it is subjected to and illness is able to develop, particularly in its constitutional weak points.

Diagnostics and Therapy

Control of the activated or non-activated sub fractions of the specific cells of the immune system of the T lymphocytes can be carried out by special laboratories of the immunologist Dr. Bach, in order to better estimate the defence system of the T killer cells or their blockage by the body’s own suppressor cells and to react accordingly in a therapeutic manner.


We have state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal for diagnostic purposes, which are able to measure disturbances and stress on an energetic level (e.g. mobile phone radiation).

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