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Only the best medical care should be good enough for our children

Gesundheitsvorsorge für Kinder

Infants and small children often experience severe stress due to a variety of factors such as environmental pollution, vitamin deficiency and pesticide residues in food. The processing and preservation methods used today mean that our food is no longer “alive”. In addition, most foodstuffs contain too much sugar and fat, which is damaging to children’s sensitive bodies.

The juvenile immune system has more difficulty in coping with these additives than that of an adult.

Unfortunately, today’s children are often treated with yesterday’s methods. There are now many newer and much gentler ways of helping children. INAKARB is an innovative pioneer in this area and achieves great results and healing success specifically without the use of pharmaceutical products.

We treat the following conditions at our practice:

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Allergies and food intolerance, susceptibility to infection
  • Orthopaedic disorders
  • Learning and adaptation disorders, hyperactivity
  • Neurological and psychological illnesses

We have the most modern equipment available to us for diagnostic purposes. This equipment even permits the measurement of disorders and strain on an energetic level. We use the following diagnostic methods:

  • Biograph to determine energy flow in the meridians
  • HFA, to see the interaction of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems as the main control mechanism of all bodily functions
  • CoRe to determine the cause of illness and toxic strain
  • EEG, VEP etc. for neurological readings.

We use the following methods for our holistic treatment:

  • SCIO / Vitascanning / Life on cellular, DNA and interstitial levels
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements for biochemistry
  • Colour and sound therapy for brain development whilst under EEG control, based on brain frequency modulation
  • Foot reflex and ayurvedic massage on a physical level.

With EEG brain-mapping methods are tailored to the individual brain of the children in order to improve the order threshold (which is dysregulated by approx. 60 – 80% in 2/3 of all schoolchildren). The results from sound therapy are burned onto a CD after the first 4 or 5 sessions for further reconditioning of the brain. This CD can then be taken home by the patient in order to further improve and increase performance, i.e. an improved, regulated order threshold. The order threshold relates to the clock frequency of the brain and is usually slowed in children with speech disorders.

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