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Manager Tuning

Top managers are exposed to increasing amounts of stress nowadays. . PET images show that with top managers, only max. 4% of available brainpower can be used in the cognitive range. The main problem is the loss of receptors on the cell membrane which is caused by stress in their private and professional lives.


In a state of rest, approximately 6% oxygen radicals are created for energy production per litre of inhaled oxygen, thus damaging cell membranes and DNA. However, in times of psychological stress, higher amounts of over 20% oxygen radicals have been recorded. Brain cells, which have an oxygen turnover 4 times higher than that of other body cells, display increased disturbance in the performance of the cell membranes. This results in a reduction of the amount of transmitter substances such as dopamine, noradrenaline etc., which are necessary for cognitive function.

A reduction in memory and concentration, as well as effective work capacity is the typical result. This is often accompanied by a clear loss of drive and the symptoms of burnout syndrome.


What can be done in this situation? We are able to measure the oxidation potential of your blood: a redox analysis (RSA) which is able to estimate which illnesses you are likely to develop up to 7 years in advance if all other factors remain the same.


The proteins gained from the blood are purposely subjected to radicals (whereby the natural daily radical burden is simulated) and then measured. The results recorded can give an indication as to the current strain of the various organs in the body.


These results are able to be exactly determined to 1/1000 of a volt and this can be converted into the exact amounts of individually tailored vital nutrients that the patient requires. In this way it is possible to treat the risk potential of the organism immediately. The individual composition is important as insufficient amounts of nutrients are just as harmful as too many supplemented nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements). In 2001, a group of 50 businessmen in Germany were diagnosed and treated accordingly. Subsequently, their cognitive brain power had increased from 4% to between 12 and 18% within 3 months.

Complementary radionic processes which train psychological hygiene and neurological structure, enable performance, concentration and cognitive volume to be increased, even in conditions of stress

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