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The 520-Day Mars Experiment

INAKARB was the only German institute to have been admitted to the so-called Mars 500 project in 2005. This is a research project to prepare for missions to Mars. Prof. Dr. Dr. Edinger was contracted to scientifically support the highly-regarded Mars 500 space project by the top Russian medical space authority. Results to date include excellent treatment successes in the area of mitochondrial medicine (Energy and Regulatory Medicine).

Marsprojekt 500

The impetus for the globally-observed mission came from a symposium on Regulatory Medicine and Space Medicine on 30th September 2005. The “who is who” of internationally renowned experts in these fields were in attendance on campus. Among them were Prof. Dr. Med. Roman Markovich Baevsky, head of the Centre for Biological Medical Problems, Moscow, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, director of INAKARB GmbH, Rolandseck, Prof. Dr. nat. Azaliya Pavlovna Berseneva, deputy director of the Institute for the Introduction of new Medical Technology, Ryazan, Russia and wife of Prof. Dr. Baevsky, Dr. med Michael Kucera, Specialist for Internal Medicine, Mitochondrial Medicine, Karlovi Vary, Czech Republic, Prof. Dr. med. Vladimir A. Zagriadski, Russian Academy for Medical Technical Sciences, Moscow, deputy Chair of the International Interacademic Union (IAU) and private lecturer Dr. sc. Nat. Detlef Schickora, Faculty for Natural Sciences, Working Group Bio-Photonics, University of Paderborn. During this Symposium, Prof. Dr. Baevsky, Head of the Centre for Biological Problems, Moscow, presented an outlook on the Mars 500 project and announced the implementation of special examinations of the Cosmonauts both before and after space flights, in order to enable determination of their readiness for space flights and to estimate their functional reserves, reactive type and pathological risks (space flight experiment “Reserve”). For example, an invention developed for "Reserve" has been used in practical medicine, sports medicine, psychology, and population studies (mass observation), as well as the development of a further system based upon that invention, in order to observe people working under extreme conditions.

Nominated by the State Research Institute of the Russian Federation, the Centre for Biological Medical Problems (Director: Prof. Dr. Baevsky), the support and evaluation of the taken readings during the Mars 500 project provided INAKARB with extremely valuable findings in the area of Energy Medicine and Regulatory Medicine: scientific proof of the effectivity of the technical ENKI therapeutic systems for various therapeutic purposes as well as the effectivity of special dietary supplementary products which INAKARB has been purchasing via the ENKI Institute for several years and prescribed as part of its therapy: after all, a whole range of dietary supplements from the current ENKI range were used in the Mars 500 project following evaluations from Heart Frequency Analysis, Amsat or even EMG-MEDEC-BIOGRAPH, a system which measures energy, meridian analysis as well as readings from various other measuring systems from space travel.

Das 520 Tage Mars-Experiment

The most astonishing evidence of the spectacular success of the Mars 500 project for both the ENKI Institute and INAKARB was the fact that Cosmonaut, Dr. med. Valery Vladimirovich Polyakov exited his space capsule in a handstand after 437 days in space! This was a spectacular success for Russian space travel and an absolutely astounding phenomenon – especially as he had spent such a long period of time in orbit compared to the Americans who generally had to be assisted out of the space capsule, after spending just a few days in space, instead of walking out themselves: indeed they generally had to be carried out by personnel waiting at the landing site. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Edinger is convinced that the Russian medical space authority was responsible for the Russian’s exceptionally good state of health, compared to the relatively conventional approach used by their competition from the USA.

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