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Our Philosophy

„Health is an experience, in which body, mind and soul form a unity with life. For this new transformations and bold boundaries are necessary to what is inherent in life.“ (Paracelsus)

The ideology is unique in its holistic-orientated regulatory medical approach and is dedicated to a particular concept. At INAKARB, the focus is always on the question of how medical findings gained in space travel can be used for practical medical work. The focus here is the holistic view of man in all its facets.

The Essence of Space Medicine – History and Background

During the history of space travel, many space flight take-offs had to be aborted due to the cosmonauts suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. This alarming fact made great demands of the scientists and physicians. It turned out that this “sudden death” was triggered by complete exhaustion of the adrenal cortex, and therefore, adrenalin (=sudden imbalance of the autonomic nervous system), a 6-10-fold increase in the production of nitrogen and oxygen radicals in cell respiration, ageing within a matter of mere hours, and collapse of the human body’s regulatory systems, among other things. This required special scientific abilities, both in preventative diagnostics and preventative and therapeutic medicine, as well as in the aftercare of cosmonauts and astronauts following their return the Earth. Since, under the conditions of weightlessness and atmospheric/ionospheric/cosmic radiation exposure, a purely symptomatically-orientated treatment of the human body would not have been able to cope with the existing massive dysregulation of the homeostasis of the body’s systems, a medically-orientated, multi-disciplinary medical science was established.

In particular, quantum mechanical, non-linear diagnostic physical methods were taken into account in various research centres in Russia, namely in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Baikonur and Moscow, taking into account specific psychological-neurological aspects of the radical physical stress of take-off, landing and the prolonged cosmic phases of space flight. One of the greatest researcher and leaders of Russian space missions was Prof. Baevsky, who was able to reliably evaluate the body’s regulatory systems for months in advance, even under extreme conditions, sensitively and reproducibly, especially once heart rate variability analysis had been established.

The Pioneers of Space Medicine

The pioneers of space travel, especially Russian space flight (for example, Asimov, Dr. Poliakov, among others) were in an excellent physical-mental-spiritual state even after 14 months of space flight. As Prof. Zagriadski, head of the medical Soyuz program and inventor of Prognos, and the well-known anthropoecologist Prof. Kaznacheev were able to substantiate (in particular, according to the mathematical biology of Prof. Kalinin from Novosibirsk), the typical decline of the non-radioactive C-13 atom typical for mortality on Earth was not detecable in the cosmonauts, but rather it had even increased under the catastrophic cosmic conditions, which suggested a clear long-term biological rejuvenation of the cosmonauts. Due to the considerably increased concentration of brain transmitters and cross-linking of the dendrites of the brain cells, an astonishing increase in consciousness along with an increase in IQ was also achieved, sometimes by more than 20%. A significant increase in mitochondrial processes (energy gain by ATP) in the spinal cord was also observed.

From Space to Medical Practice

These and many other astonishing changes due to the successes achieved by various Russian sciences have been able to be transferred to comparatively pleasant living conditions. By adopting these medical achievements from space, i.e. powerful diagnostics, state-of-the-art technical, biochemical and psychological developments as well as the technical devices that work in the frequency range of the regulatory level, our ideology has brought us extraordinary success in the treatment of chronic disease. This is only possible by incorporating phytotherapeutic recipes from the Ming dynasty (the most successful medical dynasty of all time).

One outstanding feature of all repair, regulatory and rejuvenation processes, including a balanced psychological-spiritual status, is a sufficient supply of energy (ATP, FAD, GTP etc.) to human cells. At cellular energy levels of below 40%, repair mechanisms with regard to the core DNA which serves to produce new “healthy” proteins only work with a clear delay, or not at all (all chronic physical and psychological illnesses). The enormous problem to be solved here, and which was solved here at the International Centre for Cellular Biological Regulatory Medicine, under the direction of Dr. M. Kucera (former employee of Prof. Baevsky), was the supply of sufficient energy to cells without causing an increase in the amount of illness-inducing free oxygen radicals (ROS) automatically linked to increased energy production.

With the help of elaborate mitochondrial medicine whilst taking the autonomic regulatory mechanisms of the human body (the autonomic nervous system controls all of the body’s processes) into account, this has now largely been achieved. By combining individually-selected nutrients with the conditioning of protein-creating process of core DNA with various space medicine techniques and while taking into consideration the enormous influence of psychological self-conditioning of the human spirit, significantly improved success is able to be achieved, particularly in the treatment of chronic illnesses, compared to that achieved by conventional medical treatment.

For example, the cause of arthritis is able to be treated with renewed cartilage growth without any existing pain, and the same goes for other serious diseases such as cancer, severe autoimmune diseases, severe mental disorders etc. As forward-looking, technically sophisticated diagnostics which have been developed over decades of space medical experience can be used, some disease processes can be predicted up to 8-10 years before they actually develop, from minute changes in the regulation of the human body and are consequently able to be therapeutically targeted. As treatment on the whole is directed at the cause of the illness and not just its symptoms, once a certain advanced state of regulation of the human body has been achieved through further gene repair, even the Hayflick limit of a 60 year-old can be adjusted to that of a 40 year-old with a reduction of biological age of up to 20 years within just a few months.

The Enormous Potential of Space Medicine

To summarise, it can be said that with the aid of the extraordinary medical research in space medicine, a causal treatment, prevention and rejuvenation of the human body can only take place with aspects of holistically-orientated medicine, i.e. in particular regulatory and energy medicine.

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