INAKARB in Skolkovo

Private clinic in new russian silicon valley

INAKARB – The First Private Foreign Clinic in New Russian Silicon Valley

Skolkovo – this is the name of the new Russian “City of Innovation”. In 2012, 17 kilometres west of the centre of Moscow, the creation of a region of research and technology was commenced, based on the model of America’s Silicon Valley. Approx. 30,000 scientists, including several Nobel Prize winners, are to conduct their scientific research in the new research centre for energy, IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, atom technology and medicine. Only the most modern and innovative businesses are granted authorisation for Skolkovo.

Skolkovo - russischee Silicon Valley

With its innovative range of diagnostics and therapy and its above-average treatment successes, INAKARB was able to impress those in charge and will shortly be opening its modern premises measuring 2,500 m² in the medical innovation centre. In doing so, Prof. Dr. Dr. Edinger will be able to offer treatment with his globally-unique medical concept in Russia to his many Russian patients who have been coming to his practice in Rolandseck for many years, and which include Russian officials, managers and top athletes. Just as is the case in Rolandseck, Skolkovo will also focus on the treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses. All medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment used in Rolandseck will also be available to patients at our Skolkovo practice.

In March 2016 a delegation from INAKARB presented representatives of the International Medical Cluster in Moscow with comprehensive documentation of the methods used at INAKARB as well as the diagnostic and therapeutic equipment used. The representatives of the International Medical Cluster welcomed INAKARB’s efforts in Russia and stressed that INAKARB was one of the first foreign clinics preparing to open premises in Skolkovo

INAKARB in Skolkovo – our project for leading future medical innovation in the right place.

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