Valuable findings from space medicine

Space Medicine

Conventional medical methods work in a linear manner, like chemical equations. However, the body works with numerous interdependent reactions which are unable to be calculated in advance. For this reason, conventional medical methods can be successful for acute conditions, but are seldom sufficiently successful when treating chronic illnesses.

Dr Valery Polyakov

The enormous potential of space medicine was proven back in 1995 when Russian cosmonaut, Dr. Valery Polyakov, returned to Earth. Medically assisted with innovative diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, he exited his space capsule whilst performing a handstand and, according to DNA analysis of his oral mucosa, was even rejuvenated. Such equipment accompanied the cosmonaut during man’s longest ever continuous stay in space. In 437 days it was to be proven that a person is capable of flying to Mars.

In contrast to this, American astronauts who received conventional medical support were often so weak after returning to Earth that they needed to be carried out of their space capsule.

Approximately 30 years of intensive research on over 120,000 test subjects led to this unbelievable success for Russian space medicine. This in turn led to the physical advantages shown by Russian cosmonauts. Since 1995 all leading space teams (e.g. on the ISS) have worked together under Russian leadership.

One of the reasons for the physical and mental stability was surely the ability of telemetric remote diagnostics and remote treatment as well as the physical repair of man in the cosmos by means of frequency from ground control. INAKARB and ENKI make use of the further technical developments of the original space systems in their daily work.


The great demands of a stay in space on the human body, especially when entering zero-gravity and then re-entering the atmosphere meant that physicians were faced with a whole range of unsolved problems back in the early days of space travel.

Raumfahrtmedizin-Die großen Herausforderungen

In view of the fact that cosmic radiation is about 10,000 times stronger in manned space travel, and that the artificially-reproduced natural magnetic field of the Earth did not yet exist in the conditions of zero-gravity back in the 1960s, there was a massive breakdown of cognitive and physical performance with devastating allergic, rheumatoid and asthmatic alteration through to the formation of aggressive tumours. In addition the development of fatigue syndrome and depressive psychoses with delusional alteration was observed.

Osteoporosis, which develops in the absence of gravity, led to significant bone demineralisation which resulted in the development of renal infarctions and severe colic due to the loss of calcium and phosphates from the bone substance.

One of the greatest problems was the even distribution of blood pressure due to the lack of atmospheric pressure which caused severe headaches and sinusitis due to the overload of blood vessels in the head and neck.

Re-entry into the atmosphere proved to be even more problematic, with the heart muscle being immediately subjected to intense stress as to cause a series of cardiac complaints and heart failure.

Doctors were faced with enormous challenges and developed procedures that made the human body more robust and resistant to the adverse conditions in space. This was the birth of space medicine.


Methods of evaluating the cosmonauts’ state of health were urgently needed because these well-trained women and men were not only subjected to enormous levels of stress during take-off and landing, but prolonged weightlessness and cosmic radiation also put a great burden on the body’s regulatory systems, in order to stay synchronised. But how was this to be achieved when there was such a physical distance between the patient and his medical team? The key to success: remote diagnosis and treatment! This was just the beginning as research progressed in great leaps. Today research is conducted on the molecular and sometimes atomic-energy levels of the body’s cells. Constant exchange of information between scientists from all over the world is also a source of astonishing insights.


Behind this auspicious heading lies one of the fundamental foundations in the history of INAKARB’s development. In close co-operation with the Rolandseck practice and health centre, headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, a specialist in neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psycho-immunology and dentistry as well as several additional qualifications in specialisations such as hypnosis, energy and informational medicine, acupuncture and sexual therapy, INAKARB has continued to develop its broad portfolio.

Verfahren der Weltraummedizin

Based on his interdisciplinary medical forays, but also due to his close personal and scientific contact with institutes for Russian space medicine, and thanks to his participation in the spectacular "Mars 500" project, Prof. Dr. Dr. Edinger brings findings to light from which the research community greatly profits. The scientist’s enthusiasm for research remains unbridled, enabling ever more revolutionary procedures to find their way from space into medical practice.


In a unique concept, based on long-term studies and with the involvement of leading scientists, in particular from Russian space medicine, INAKARB has succeeded in developing a scientific diagnostic and therapeutic system based on the regulatory and energetic principles of the human body. The key to success lies in the merging of selected, individual medical procedures tailored to the patient with regulatory medical methods in combination with individually-adapted dietary supplements.


With its holistic approach, INAKARB continues to lead the way from where conventional medicine reaches its limits, because it treats not only the symptoms but also investigates their causes and uses these findings to initiate an effective and sustainable regulatory process. The interplay of interdisciplinary approaches leads to a holistic view of the human body and opens up new, revolutionary therapeutic possibilities.


Following the achievement of sufficient basic regulation and the practically complete balance of the physical and psychological-spiritual functions, long-term clear rejuvenation processes are able to be achieved. Limitations of age can, therefore, be corrected leading to rejuvenation by means of targeted cell regulation, thus achieving complete body balance and rhythmic harmony of all organs.


INAKARB has taken advantage of the tremendous potential of space medicine and developed a unique health concept which, for the first time, incorporates the findings of regulatory medicine, mitochondrial energy medicine, biophysics, chronophysics and cosmophysics as well as conventional medicine and the use of dietary supplements tailored to suit the individual. INAKARB’s successful therapeutic approach is not only suitable for the treatment of chronic diseases, but also for prevention purposes and improvement in performance.

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