Diagnostics and treatment

Scientifically-based & innovative therapy systems

On-site diagnostic methods

Many diseases of modern society are caused by stress. In times of stress the human body is exposed to a multitude of strains and becomes imbalanced. The aim of treatment at INAKARB is to activate the self-regulatory mechanisms of the body and to bring it back into balance by targeting the all-controlling autonomic nervous system.

INAKARB uses a multitude of innovative processes such as SCIO or Vita-Scanning / Nilisa and implements a novel concept for the optimisation of cellular and mitochondrial performance. Thus, targeted preventative measures can be developed and manifest diseases avoided.


AMSAT (for on-site diagnostics)
The AMSAT HC system uses regulatory diagnosis of electrophysiological parameters of biologically-active reflex zones of the skin and associated structures, organs and systems. In addition to HFA, AMSAT is the most widely-used diagnostic system for manned space research and is capable of making statements on the organ systems’ state of health within seconds by determining skin resistance and oxygen supply (for both: the higher, the better). This is possible by using a mathematical Fourier analysis of the measured parameters. The theory behind this system is that before the onset of a disease, many functional disorders of the regulatory systems, especially of the nervous and hormonal systems, have been noticeable for several years. Therefore, this device is suitable for detecting the pre-stages and early stages of function. The AMSAT HC system is based on the principle of segment diagnostics.

Application Procedure
A minimal current flows between two of the electrodes attached to the feet, the hands and the forehead. Conductivity and resistance are used to determine organ function. From the various combinations of the pairs of electrodes, 22 measurements are generated which permit determinations to be made as to the hypo-function, normal function or hyper-function of each organ. Hyper-function is caused, e.g. by increased blood flow, hyper-acidity or inflammation. Hypo-function is due to reduced blood flow, an alkaline environment or degeneration. Measurement of all zones takes between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. The graphs produced show the results with colour representation of the overactive and underactive functions.


All readings between 5 and 15% are ideal. Readings of above 15% show acidification, i.e. the cells produce lactate which means that the affected organ parts are no longer adequately nourished and their mitochondria form significantly less than the usual 36 mol of ATP (energy substance). The process of degeneration of these cells progresses through the acid wall of lactate, as hardly any nutrients are able to pass through this wall of acid. The acidified cells are forced to form gap junctions i.e. plasma bridges which exhaust neighbouring cells so that the acid herd can continue to reproduce.


When values are below -20%, then a weakness of the shown system must be assumed. Insufficient energy production is usually noticeable through problems with absorption of nutrients by the tissues. Below -60%, besides a lack of nutrients, the intestines, which are no longer able to transport fuel to the organs, also have chronic deficits with genetic polymorphisms (increasing genetic defects).

Often, patients display regulatory rigidity. Due to the lack of power, the body (and the immune system in particular) is no longer capable of reacting to damaging environmental influences, e.g. germs. An extreme example: first pulse increases only very slowly when climbing stairs and when the person has reached the top, it takes much too long for the pulse rate to drop again. Such phenomena can be applied to all the body’s systems.



Bioscan measurement is currently the only method in the world which is capable of measuring all parameters by looking at skin tension and comparing them with the normal laboratory parameters with a maximum 5% deviation, all within just one minute

Bioscan measurement is a method based on spectral analysis which is completely painless and non-invasive (i.e. no blood sample is taken). The measurement takes exactly one minute, during which approx. 200 parameters divided into 32 different areas are recorded.

The frequency and energy of the body’s magnetic fields are measured by a sensory bar on the Bioscan system and set in relation to the resonance spectrum of nutrition and diseases states which are stored within the Bioscan device. Thus, observations on various functional areas of the patient’s body are obtained. The determination of certain deviations from the reference value (e.g. lack of certain minerals or vitamins) provides an important approach, both for therapy and for targeted recommendation of certain dietary supplements offered in our practice. Furthermore, by repeating this measurement after a certain period of time (before-after tests) the course of therapy and its success is able to be represented.

EMG-Medec Biograph

The EMG-MEDEC BIOGRAPH is a powerful diagnostic energy measurement system used in space medicine. Prof. V.A. Zagriadski developed the Prognos device and has therefore made a significant contribution to space medicine. The basis for these measurements are the energy pathways in the body, the meridians. These connect all part of the organism with one another. The energy flow of these meridians is strong and balanced in a healthy person, but unbalanced and altered in the case of someone who is prone to disease.

Gesundheitsvorsorge für Kinder

The presence of meridians and acupuncture points has now been scientifically proven. It is known that at an acupuncture point, a bundle of blood vessels and nerves penetrates the superficial body fascia. Therefore, electrical resistance is lower at this point. The points lie along kinetic myo-fascio-tendon chains which correspond to the meridians (from: Heine, H. Grundregulation und Extrazellulare Matrox – Grundlagen und Systematik – (Basic Regulation and Extracellular Matrix – Principles and Systems)).

Application Procedure
Within just a few minutes a complete picture of the energetic and physical state can be created, permitting a glimpse into the main causes of complaints.

A multiple measurement is always carried out in order to see to what extent meridians are blocked. Each measurement shows whether a meridian has excess energy or an insufficiency. Prior to noticeable pathological symptoms, energy blockages in the following areas can be recognised:

  • Organs
  • Nervous system
  • Connective tissue
  • Immune system

Causes for this include:

  • Chronic stress
  • Environmental factors
  • Emotions
  • Scars
  • Deposits in the tissues

This holistic view of the functional and regulatory circuits of the body permits energy and physical blocks to be discovered. On this basis, we put together a personal treatment plan with which your physical energy can be regenerated.


Measured in a laboratory, one mol of ATP usually disintegrates within 4 seconds, which is why it was not sufficiently stable for measurements in space conditions. Therefore, an analogue system had to be developed. Prof. Zagriadski was the doctor responsible for the fact that Dr. Polyakov was able to exit his spacecraft in a handstand after spending 437 days in orbit. This was certainly due to the constant measurements carried out by the predecessor of today’s Biograph, the renowned Prognos. The ATP charge of the body’ systems and thus the energy content and energetic state of the patient can be measured by means of Fourier analyses in exact correlation with the percentages measured along the meridians.

Case Example:

Prior to treatment:
48 year-old businessman – no longer able to conduct business, only 17% energy


3 months after treatment:

Complete wellbeing, significantly more energy (108%), full working day with no exhaustion – 12 – 16 hours per day are possible



GDV technology (computer-assisted Kirlian photography) is proven as an effective method of measuring and evaluating the state of human health. During the measuring process there is a discharge of gas in the proximity of a core electrode. If the core is brought into an electrical field, an increased field voltage is created near its pointed end. Electrons, which are present in the air or which are emitted by the body, are accelerated in this field and from a certain speed they ionise air molecules. These, in turn, release photons, which usually occur in the blue and ultraviolet ranges. This produces the luminescence which is captured as discharge images from the fingertips and which is typically seen as bright corona. As numerous meridians finish in the fingertips, gaps or weaknesses in the corona can enable determinations to be made as to organ deficits.

GDV - computergestützte Kirlianfotografie

With the computer-assisted evaluation of the image, individual features of the picture are recorded and compared to reference objects. In doing so, there is an assessment and an analysis of the biological energy state of the person.

Application Procedure
Using 10 fingertip images, output data is received which permits an evaluation and analysis of the biological energy state of the person. Furthermore, individual reactions to various therapeutic uses and training programmes are able to be shown, even alterations in the conscious state, e.g. meditation and intense concentration.

Express Analysis, Left Hand, Right Hand
With biological energy express analysis, there is initial evaluation of the 10 fingertip images. Raised functional energy and areas of energy weakness are matched to certain organs and organ systems and rated. The balance of energy can be seen. From this analysis, the level of stress factors becomes visible along with their influence on individual organs and organ systems.

GDV Energy Field with Fingertip Images and Sectors.

GDV - computergestützte Kirlianfotografie

Evaluation example:

GDV - computergestützte Kirlianfotografie


Heart frequency analysis is a functional measurement of the autonomic nervous system, which enables conclusions to be drawn as to individual stress levels. Dr. Kucera and Prof. Baevsky developed this device and have researched associations between the autonomic nervous system and Q10.
In everyday life we are subjected to numerous sources of stress: job, everyday stress, environment, traffic and many, many more. This continuous strain on our vegetative nervous system often leads unnoticed to significant exhaustion of the regulatory circuits and energy reserves in our cells.

HFA Herzfrequenzvariationsanalyse

The vegetative nervous system consists of the sympathetic (stimulating) and the parasympathetic (calming) nervous systems which should be in balance. According to recent scientific findings the autonomic nervous system determines all homeostatic processes in the body – particularly via the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Exhaustion of the sympathetic nervous system causes our body to react in the following ways:

  • Chronic tiredness
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stomach pain
  • Lapse in concentration
  • Hair loss
  • Impotence

The following parameters are recognised in the readings:

  • Heart frequency, heart rhythm
  • General functional state of health
  • Vegetative nervous system
  • Psychological and emotional strain

Heart frequency variation analysis is the most important regulative reading within the whole range of cardiac diagnostics used in space travel to date. HFA is now also one of the most important systems in sports medicine.

A Chinese saying, although not to be taken too seriously, should not be completely dismissed:
If your heart beats too regularly, you will have to die!
More than 1,700 years ago in the 3rd Century AD, Chinese physician Wang Shuhe analysed various pulse types and described their clinical meanings in his writings. One of his statements is reminiscent of the phenomenon of Heart Rate Variability (HRV): “When a patient’s heartbeat becomes as regular as the knocking of a woodpecker or the beat of rain on the roof, the patient will die within 4 days.”
HRV is apparently based on the optimal interplay of the “sympathetic” and “parasympathetic nervous systems”.
The sympathetic nervous system triggers typical “fight or flight reactions” (ready availability of energy, increase in heartbeat and breathing, narrowing of blood vessels, blood distribution, and perspiration), while the parasympathetic nervous system stimulates “recovery reactions” (energy storage, sleep, digestion, improved circulation of skin and inner organs).
When one system “starts up”, another “shuts down“.
Health is a “balance” (homeostasis = balance) between both regulatory systems.

Organic Control of the Autonomic Nervous System

80% of people in industrial nations live with an imbalance of their main control system, the autonomic nervous system, which controls 97% of our functions. According to the20/80 rule in business studies, 20% of resources when used efficiently, can have an 80% success rate. In order for this to happen, it is necessary for the body, which is closely connected to the psyche and the spirit, to be optimally adjusted with regard to its main control systems.

Organische Steuerung, das autonome Nervensystem

Overview of Cells and Matrix with Extremely High Metabolic Speeds

The body has over 60 to 100 billion cells and each individual cell has to cope with approx. 1015 reactions per second (which corresponds to the number of ants that exist on Earth). A top computer would need approx. 150 million years in order to calculate the metabolic capacity that our cells accomplish in a single second. Per second, approx. 5,000 to 30,000 enzymes have to renew 7,000 cells and remove the same amount of old cells from the exact same locations. Thus, health can also be calculated according to the coordination capacity of the body, which is mainly determined by the key player of our system, the pineal gland.

Abbildung 3

Illustration of the autonomic nervous system which controls 97% of our functions. Driving force is the sympathetic nervous system which is highly consumptive when we are under stress, with its main hormone and stress markers adrenaline and cortisone.

Abbildung 4

On an organic level, this equates to the balance of the autonomic nervous system, i.e. the balance between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

This nervous system controls up to 97% of all living processes, including psychological, physical and spiritual processes (According to CERN physicists, only 3% of our life is conscious).
The main problem with this regulation is the constant consumption of adrenaline and cortisone, i.e. the adrenal hormones of the sympathetic nervous system so that, for example, the brain hormones created parallel to adrenaline levels, which are needed for concentration and memory as well as for feeling joy (= deficiency of dopamine and noradrenaline), are no longer able to be sufficiently created.  From a physical point of view, adrenaline is the main hormone which is able to activate killer cells so that they are able to feast on tumour cells which are mainly produced at night. On the other hand, adrenaline and noradrenaline also contribute to the main deacidification of the lactate of our cells formed by stress and anaerobic metabolism, which are thus encapsulated and no longer sufficiently controllable for our nervous system (e.g. tumour and inflammatory cells). This occurs by the hormones of the sympathetic nervous system via increased pulmonary respiration or increased pressure of the renal arteries.
This autonomic regulatory mechanism can be determined in advance according to original readings from space medicine (heart frequency analysis) and has been used for many years through our institute and in cooperation with the space expert Prof. Baevsky (Centre for Biological Problems, Moscow) by the top management of some automobile manufacturers as well as professional athletes. The consequences of this dysregulation are burnout syndrome, loss of performance, depression, ADD in children, mood swings etc.

  •  Vitamin deficiency due to increased vitamin utilisation
  • Cell damage due to increased free radicals
  • Vascular disease
  • Decreased potency
  • Chronic susceptibility to infection
  • Development of allergies
  • Sleep disorders
  • 90% of all chronic illnesses

One focus of therapy is the practical application of the excellent work carried out by Russian and American space researchers, thanks to whom we are today able to measure the physical/psychological consequences of stress years in advance and to regulate them accordingly.

Example: course of burnout syndrome (increasing fatigue syndrome):

Burnout Verlauf

Example: measurement of the autonomic nervous system with heart frequency variation analysis as developed in space research by Baevsky and Kucera:

 Messung des Autonomen Nervensystems


Redox serum analysis (RSA) determines the strain from free radicals and the accumulation capacity of blood. RSA is a process which was developed by Dr. Heinrich and Prof. Hamann back in the 1950s and originated in the department of oncology of the University hospital of Rostock, Germany.

Serum-Redoxdifferenz-Analyse (RSA)

The complex serum redox differential provocation analysis (RSA) is currently the most effective method of determining “oxidative stress”. It permits statements regarding the body’s regulatory processes concerning the immune system, hormone regulation, cellular regeneration and individual detoxification capacity against free radicals to be made. In order to measure “oxidative stress”, various biochemical substances are added to blood serum which also occur naturally in the blood. These substances cause reactions which would naturally happen in the body every day. Structural and functional changes of molecules in the serum are triggered which can be recorded via the redox potential (the sum of various electron intersections) and which reflect the patient’s individual state of health. Based on the determined redox abnormalities, supply gaps are discovered and can be closed with a “tailor-made” nutrient mixture of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, many of which have anti-oxidative effects. Redox analysis is not only advisable when there is already ill health, but is also an excellent diagnostic tool which can be used to prevent illnesses from occurring several years before they have developed.

Serum-Redoxdifferenz-Analyse (RSA)

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