Diagnostics and treatment

Scientifically-based & innovative therapy systems

On-Site Therapeutic Methods

All diagnoses and therapeutic methods at our institute are accompanied and evaluated by neutral renowned institutes. In this way a unique, globally-branched network of competence in diverse disciplines has developed, with the declared aim of uniting leading medical technology and modern treatment concepts under the same roof.

Treatment is carried out in planned stages:

Energy generation for achieving natural regeneration capability. Exhausted body reserves (adrenal hormones, ATP) are replenished with administration of specific, measured substances which are produced naturally by the body and the use of state-of-the-art extremely fast bio-resonance and tissue-frequency scanners. (Out of burnout mode in 6 weeks instead of 2 years!)

Detoxification and deacidification: Only deacidified cells are connected to the control systems of the autonomic nervous system. All acidified cells produce inflammation and illness!

Regeneration and Power by means of optimum cell and tissue repair, improved biorhythm and an optimised adrenal cortex-hypothalamus hormone axis.

Targeted use of psychotherapeutic mental techniques for dissolving unsuitable individual thought patterns with promotion of personal growth and brain capacity. This includes mastering meditative and auto-suggestive visualisation techniques, which have been verified in the field of quantum medicine.


The NILISA system is based on the principle of non-linear diagnostics and permits conclusions to be drawn as to individual cells, and even chromosomes, due to the alteration of radiation values in the body. Everyone is exposed to external magnetic fields, which undergo a change in the direction of rotation (spin) by the electrons of our atoms. NILISA is the only device which can measure the body’s electron system and spin deviation, i.e. it enables the recognition of illnesses years in advance and the restoration of natural spin on a genetic level. The functional state of the body is therefore able to be measured. In addition, the effectivity and results of various therapeutic methods are able to be monitored and controlled.


The SCIO system works with the aid of bio-resonance measurement both diagnostically and therapeutically at the same time. More than 8,000 individual readings are taken via electrodes on the wrists, ankles and the head. Using evoked potentials, electromagnetic fields of certain frequencies and intensities are transmitted to the organism via the connected electrodes. Then the resonance frequency of the organism is recorded and compared to the stored reference data. Based on this comparison, the risk profile for various regulatory systems is estimated and is able to be treated. Treatment with the SCIO device takes place via the “bio-sensor network” of the matrix and self-regulation by information stored in the matrix. The basic regulation of the whole body is, therefore, positively influenced and this represents the basis for all forms of healing.

Sound therapy / neuro-perceptive frequency therapy

Neuro-perceptive frequency therapy (NPF, specialised sound therapy) primarily works on the brain and is able to access its control systems and positively influence them. Certain frequencies from Russian space research, which are worked into music and natural sounds address defined areas or functions in the body. The individually-developed combinations of music and natural sounds enable the listener to be transported into a desired emotional ambience and therefore activate self-healing abilities for chronic and acute illnesses and many psychosomatic disorders.


TimeWaver is based on a quantum-physical interface between the 3-dimensional space and the informational space which controls material and psychological processes. Here, material processes are able to be discovered on a deeper level in the form of information, which should give insights into the background and connections of essential areas of life, which are often hidden from us. These include health, business, family, personality and environment.

NPF-Megawave P150

With modern biophysical techniques, such as the P150 developed by Dr. Broers, the exchange surface of DNA reduced by illness, trauma, stress etc. is able to be returned to normal once again. 95% of the body’s DNA is in a constant vital and rejuvenating (life regenerating) exchange with its other 8 layers (B. Heim), which contain a near endless amount of energy and healthy information for the creation of our cells. With prolonged stress, trauma etc. the number of DNA strains, which are in exchange with the remaining regenerating extra-material fields of the body, are significantly reduced. This is one of the most important aspects of ageing.



In the 1970s scientists, headed by Prof. Alexander Revenko, succeeded in developing a form of impulse therapy which is perceived by the body as being endogenous. Via 2 electrodes, energy impulses similar to those of the body are generated. The body responds to these impulses and this reaction is recorded by the Scenar device and evaluated. In the process, Scenar influences the vegetative nervous system and the body’s own adaptability and regulatory processes.

Russian research findings document that with this therapeutic method, more than 2000 different neuropeptides are able to be released along the nerve paths and in various regions of the brain. At the same time, nerve and brain activity is stimulated.

Matrix regeneration therapy Vega-MRT

Matrix regeneration therapy is a combination of cupping from Chinese medicine and a form of biological electrotherapy (also called electrochemical tumour therapy). During treatment, a current of positive ions flows and removes over-acidification from the body’s tissues. With the characteristic mode of operation of matrix regeneration therapy which takes the form of a special suction massage, waste and toxins are released from the body.

At the same time, the intense stimulation of the cupping frees the body of muscle tension and hardened tissue (myogelosis). Furthermore, not only is blood circulation improved via reflex zones on the back, but impulses are also carried to the desired inner organs. At the same time, the direct current treatment also regenerates tissue. Each treatment session with the VEGA-MRT represents a strong stimulation which mobilises the body’s own defence mechanisms. Blood formation and the lymphatic system are also intensively stimulated. Blockages, which hinder energy flow in the body, are also dissolved.

Matrix rhythm therapy

Matrix rhythm therapy is a newly-developed therapeutic process based on years of fundamental research conducted at the University of Erlangen. The device works with a gentle, rhythmic micro-extension technology which is deeply effective and which works on the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. The device creates vibration in the 8 – 12 Hz range, which corresponds exactly to the spectrum of the skeletal muscles. These are stimulated, tissues are relaxed and blood circulation is increased. By stimulating lymph flow, cleansing of the treated areas is achieved along with activation of the metabolism and faster regeneration of injured or inflamed tissue.

By introducing rhythm to the release of cytokines (some of which are inflammatory substances) from the fibroblasts, pain and inflammation symptoms can be significantly mitigated and the fibroblasts largely convert to tissue-regenerating stem cells.

Rife frequency generator – healing biosequences

In the 1930s a scientist named Dr. Rife succeeded in developing a device which was able to induce the death of pathogens by means of frequency.


In doing so, he and other scientists, discovered that numerous chronic diseases which were not able to be associated with any infection, such as allergies, were able to be cured by this form of treatment. This occurs without any side effects. Further research found that the human body is more susceptible to parasites when there is heavy metal poisoning. For this reason, detoxification therapy should always be conducted parallel to frequency generator therapy, in order to stabilise the body’s systems in the long-term.

Bionic 880 – healing with photons

Modern biophysics has proven that each of our cells produces light frequencies and that a particular frequency, namely that of 411 nm, is able to regenerate genetically altered, inflamed cells. If this light is introduced to the cells in the form of photons, the energy substance ATP which has been modulated with 411 nm stimulates regeneration.


The Bionic 880 uses this unique knowledge and produces photons which are absorbed by the skin and then distributed throughout the body via the matrix (intercellular space). With the body’s unique ability to absorb specific light photons, the most severe of illnesses are able to be turned around to a healthy stated. Particular success has been achieved in cases of raised blood pressure, sleep disorders, fatigue syndrome and susceptibility to infection.

Administration of dietary supplements

Therapeutic success rests on the targeted use of biological biochemical dietary supplements which are as effective as natural medication in their function and effectivity.


These can be divided into two groups

  • On the one hand, an individually produced cocktail of nutrients in a powdered mixture for intercepting free oxygen radicals following the so-called redox serum analysis of a person’s blood serum;
  • On the other hand, individual nutrient mixtures (with readings and analyses every 4 to 6 weeks), developed in the context of mitochondrial energy medicine, particular in Russian space research, submarine research while taking into account findings from the Ming dynasty. Without them repair, regeneration and rejuvenation of cells and tissues is not possible.

Vital nutrient intake is recommended in the following situations:

  • Chronic fatigue/drop in performance; obesity and anorexia nervosa
  • Susceptibility to infection; for the prevention of heart attack and stroke
  • Metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, gout, raised blood fats
  • Following an operation or prolonged illness
  • Auto-immune diseases (MS, rheumatism, Crohn’s disease, ulcerating colitis
  • Numerous neurological illnesses (MS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s diseases)
  • Chronic degenerative joint disease (arthritis)
  • Professional and endurance sports; smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • During periods of acute stress; in the case of a poor diet; old age

Further information

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