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Remote Therapy via Quantum Entanglement

The sub-atomic plane (quantum world) reveals to us that the universe is a single living organism with interconnected subtle energy fields – a network of dynamic mutual relationships. According to Austrian researcher and Nobel Prize laureate for physics, Erwin Schrödinger, quantum entanglement is the essence of quantum mechanics and the foundation for informational science.

Remote Therapeutic Methods via Quantum Entanglement

Since the development of quantum theory, it has been supposed that all atomic and sub-atomic structures are based on fields. The idea of immobile atoms was replaced. Today, the atom is considered to consist of energy which oscillates within fields. It is not matter which is of fundamental importance, but rather fields and energy form the basis. The quantum physicist, Fred A. Wolff, says: “Quantum physics has nothing to do with the outer world of matter, but with the ghostly clouds of overlapping possibilities with entities that are dreamlike in a very real sense.”

Every person on Earth, or in the entire universe, is unique in terms of the time and place of their origin. Already during the pre-natal phase, a fine-matter field is created. At the time of birth there is an entanglement, which e.g. enables the close connection between mother and child.

The field’s penetration ability coordinates the activities of various parts of the organism and its environment without sensory communication. People, animals or objects, which were once connected to one another, still have an influence on one another from a distance after their direct connection has been broken.

Each organisational plane has its own morphogenetic field: whole group, individual living organisms and organs. These fields overlap and interact with one another.

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One property which follows from the wave character of quantum objects is non-locality. A wave does not only exist at a specific place. If a wave of matter is interpreted as the probability of finding a quantum object at a particular place, there are many places where the quantum object might be. This non-locality of quantum mechanics can even be generalised to several objects (multi-particle theories). Therefore, there are so-called entangled states of two (or more) quantum objects in which the manipulation of an object has an influence on later measurements of both particles.

Quantum physics observation of 2 objects which were connected to one another at some point revealed the following: if one object is observed, the second object is also altered! Observation alters the wave function and, thus, instantaneously both objects.

With remote therapy, entanglement is used at the quantum level in order to exchange information between various devices and the patient. This is used for both diagnosis and therapy.


Information from the environment is largely absorbed by the cranial nervous system and on a much lesser scale via peripheral nerves in the skin.


The feedback from the actual values from inside the body are transmitted to the brain by the autonomic nervous system via various chemical and mechanical receptors in the motion system and via the extra- and intracellular matrix, which also includes the perineural direct current system. These systems form the sensory part of regulation. Microtubules are palisade-like structures which occur in nature and are present in all cells – from bacteria to flagellates through to plants and higher living organisms. They are the quantum processors of the cosmos.


Only 1% of human DNA is encoded, in order to create approx. 30,000 proteins (exons). 99% of DNA is required for inner coherence and resonance processes for the regulation of all living processes. As Fritz Albert Popp discovered, molecular biological regulatory control is carried out via biophotons.

Prof. Dr. Gariaev, who coined the phrase “phantom DNA”, shows that our DNA serves as a transmitter and receiver antenna for biophotons and is in constant exchange of information with the surrounding fields. Thus, our chromosomes can also produce acoustic fields (photons) and transmit their information by genetic waves over distance. Our genes are much more than just building blocks of matter. They have a dual nature. They are a material substance, but they also interact as sources of physical signs in hyperspace. The harmonic vibrations of DNA are equivalent to the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recursion. It is the epitome of harmonious structures that make up healthy matter. As long as our DNA emits such harmonious or coherent waves, we are able to regenerate ourselves permanently and form healthy matter.


Our systems enable us to communicate directly with our DNA by creating coherently acting fields (e.g. SCIO, TimeWaver, NILISA). Through the quantum entanglement, our devices initiate so-called transdimensional channels (see research by Dr. Dieter Broers), which enable a healthy exchange of information between the cells and stimulate cell repair.


Remote Therapeutic Methods


The NILISA system was developed by the Moscow Institute for Applied Psychophysics. It is based on the principle of non-linear diagnostics and permits conclusions to be drawn as to individual cells and even chromosomes due to the alteration of radiation values in the body. It is the only system in the world which is reproducibly capable of acting at the exact moment before waves and frequencies being created become physical matter. This is done by using the Pauli principle in order to reconstruct parallel spins, i.e. pathogenic electron configurations to anti-parallel spins which ensures health and negentropy.

Everyone is exposed to external magnetic fields, which undergo a change in the direction of rotation (spin) by the electrons of our atoms. NILISA is the only device which can measure the body’s electron system and spin deviation, i.e. it enables the recognition of illnesses years in advance and the restoration of natural spin on a genetic level


During years of research, knowledge has been gained about a weak low-frequency magnetic field surrounding the biological system. This research offers scientific explanations for the lores of Eastern medicine, such as acupuncture for example. Readings of organ systems are depicted in colour: dark purple (almost black) represents more serious disorders and pale yellow shows ordered functions. From the colour arrangements in an organ and its temporal changes one can assess destructive processes of cell bonds.


Application Processes

The mode of operation of the NILISA device is based on the laws of quantum physics and uses the noise generator of the PC to create a temporary disturbance wave of the body’s own biological field and neurons, which then supplies the results:

  • Influence/reversal of electron spin (sense of rotation)
  • Alteration of the body’s magnetic field
  • Effect on cells, chromosomes and genes

Earphones are worn by the patient during therapy, through which frequencies are transmitted throughout the entire body.

NILISA analysis permits:

  • Evaluation of the functional state of the body
  • Tracking of changes in the organism during treatment
  • Exact localisation of a pathological herd
  • Finding the cause of a complaint

Therapy with NILISA:


Therapy with NILISA can be conducted remotely. That means that this kind of therapy does not require direct contact with the person (or animal) being treated. Photographs can be used together with the entry of exact patient data (first and last names, place and country of birth) into the system. Just as with NILISA treatment on site, analyses and solution integrations are able to be carried out. This enables direct therapy of disruptive fields. These are treated directly during therapy, and the device is also able to transfer frequencies to a matrix such as water or lactose, for example. The NILISA device balances the organism via electromagnetic vibrations, whose frequencies are able to be stored in the water in the body for periods of time and therefore stimulate sustainable healing.


The SCIO Bio-feedback/Bio-resonance device (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) is a computer-controlled device for diagnostics and therapy. It measures the body’s reaction to internal and external influences. With speeds of a thousandth of a second, brainwaves, internal reactions and emotions can be determined. It is capable of measuring 280,000 parameters in one tenth of a second. In three minutes, over 8000 substances are tested for. Possible pathogens are displayed, the necessity for certain dietary supplements is determined, healing substances are suggested and difficult emotional connections and/or psychosomatic causalities are discovered. A systematic diagnosis is always given.

For this reason, SCIO is vital for advance recognition of risk factors and strains, before disintegration has advanced..


Application Processes
The SCIO offers the option of remote treatment. That means that this kind of therapy does not require physical contact to the person (or animal) being treated. It only requires, for example photographs or a hair sample and the entry of exact patient data into the system (first and last names, place and country of birth). Just as with on-site SCIO therapy, analyses and solution integration are able to be carried out.

Typical areas of application:

  • Allergy tests
  • Chiropractor testing
  • Muscle testing
  • Heart tones: check for nutrients, insufficiencies, irregularities
  • Heart diseases, echo cardiogram
  • Neurological diseases, EEG
  • Illustration of the right and left sides of the face
  • Mental and emotional states
  • Homeopathic activation
  • Chakra measurement and harmonisation
  • Electrical acupuncture: over 1000 acupuncture points
  • Detoxification

Treatment with the SCIO device takes place via the “network of bio sensors”, the basic substance and self-regulation by means of storing information in the matrix. Therefore, the basic regulation of the whole body is positively influenced. This provides the basis for all kinds of healing. Heine describes it as follows: in contrast to the direct pharmacological function correction, the stimulation given can cause a re-regulation of vegetative equilibrium (total vegetative switchover) by iterative stimulation of body-specific forces. He also calls this stimulation-reaction therapy.

SCIO therapy generally requires a series of treatment with 1 – 2 sessions per week, each lasting approx. 90 to 120 minutes. In order to activate the introduced regulatory detoxification processes and to sustainably support them, you should drink at least 2 litres of still water which is low in minerals per day. If you experience symptoms such as tiredness and listlessness after therapy, they are the welcome initial signs of the induced detoxification and healing reactions.

Heine, Hartmut: Grundregulation und Extrazellulare Matrix – Grundlagen und Systematik (Basic Regulation and Extracellular Matrix – Principles and System), 1997.


The INAKARB Disconder software communicates directly with the subconscious. When repeated, each thought creates our reality, our universe around us. Via programmed behavioural patterns which result from old experiences, negative thought patterns are created which have formed programmes within us and they prevent us from being successful. With the ENKI Disconder, new affirmations can be entered into our field of consciousness. In doing so, thought patterns can be lastingly reprogrammed with this transfer of information.

The information is entered into the morphogenetic field. This is unperceivable for the patient just as radio waves are. With this, new affirmations influence the person’s biological field and lead to this new programming.

For therapy with the INAKARB Disconder, we simply require a photograph of the patient, because all information about a person remains available to us from the picture (quantum principle). This photograph can, therefore, be defined as an address for a personal quantum mailbox or portal. Specific questions are asked by the Disconder software via this portal, which include both physical and psychological levels (e.g. “What physical treatments do I need?”, “What emotional events do I have?”, “What nutrients do I need?”, Which Bach flower remedies do I need?”) In simple terms, there is a kind of detailed dialogue between the patient’s quanta and the Disconder software, which can be printed out in text form for the patient and is then used to form the therapy.

To give an example of one of the many questions asked from the affirmations listed here (an excerpt from a dialogue between the Disconder software and Patient X, or rather the photograph of Patient X). Question: What do I have? Answer: a) “I am alone, I have to manage everything myself (restrictive)” b) I do not have to manage everything myself. I am an adult and can ask for help (liberating)”.

The liberating affirmations in a dialogue of this kind are the new affirmations which are supposed to replace the restrictive aspects and therefore encourage the reprogramming of the individual. They are translated into frequencies and are the core of this therapy.

Application Processes with the INAKARB Disconder Device


The INAKARB Disconder device (available for purchase at our practice) is a device to which audio-frequencies are transferred from a computer. The constant repetition of these harmonising frequencies provides the body with information whereby the body’s own system is given an impulse which encourages the person concerned to find their inner balance. The INAKARB Disconder is worn by the patient on a belt around their middle. It should be worn for 21 days (apart from battery charging times, e.g. at night). 90% of information flows from the abdomen to the brain (it is only 10% in the reverse direction). For this reason, the device is worn around the middle and is able to be concealed under clothing. The Planck particles (the smallest consciousness-carrying entity) carry the information for approx. 21 days. For this reason, a new reading/evaluation should be carried out after 3 weeks (or to put it simply, there should be a new dialogue between the INAKARB Disconder software and the patient’s quanta).

INAKARB Disconder remote therapy is based on the transmission of necessary frequencies by the Tesla Antenna, which is connected to the INAKARB software.

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